Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is the third installment in the Warcraft Series. It offers a step by step campaign of Humans, Undead Scourge, Orcs, Night Elves in that order with each chapter having about nine levels. The game also offers a custom game mode where you can compete against computers as any race for practice, a feature where you can go online and participate in player-made games and talk with friends, also it has a World Editor which allows you to make your own maps and play them.

Human Campaign: The Scourge of LordaeronEdit

Humans: Arthas Menethil, Jaina Proudmoore, Uther the Lightbringer (not playable)

Undead: Kel'Thuzad (not playable), Mal'Ganis (not playable)

Setting: Strahnbrad, Alterac, Brill, Andorhal, Hearthglen, Stratholme, Northrend

Outcome: Three Human towns were destroyed; Strahnbrad, Andorhal, Stratholme

The Human Campaign focuses on the Fall of Lordaeron, after dealing with a small orc threat in Strahnbrad Arthas and Jaina set out to investigate a strange plague that has gripped the northlands of Lordaeron. In Alterac and Brill they discover that there is infected grainary bearing the regional seal of Andorhal, the distribution center for the northern boroughs. They run into Kel'Thuzad who flees, not before mocking them saying he has not time to chat, they pursue him towards Andorhal to stop him from reaching the grainary in the town, infecting it, and then shipping it out to the northern villages. They arrive in Andorhal only to find that Kel'Thuzad has already razed the town and shipped out the grain. Arthas and Jaina slay him in Andorhal, but before he dies he informs him that Mal'Ganis is in Stratholme and he is going to make the plague evident there as well, and that his death means little in the long run. They leave Andorhal and begin heading towards Stratholme to hunt Mal'Ganis. On their way to Stratholme they stop in Hearthglen to rest, but they find the town preparing for battle. Arthas sends Jaina away to find Lord Uther, she reluctantly teleports out of town to start her search. Arthas stays to defend the town, he holds out for thirty minutes, but all three undead bases send out every able warrior that is available. Just when things are about to go south for Arthas, Jaina and Uther arrive with a legion of knights by their side, they are victorious, but Arthas still wasnt finished hunting Mal'Ganis, around this time all he began to care about was vengance. Arthas, Jaina, and Uther all arrive in Stratholme, the plagued grain was already given to the villagers and Arthas then tells Uther that the Scourge is not meant to simply kill his people, but to turn them into the Undead. Arthas says the city must be purged and razed, Uther refuses to do the task and Arthas considers it an act of treason and suspends the Uther and the knights of the Silver Hand from service. He makes everyone who isint going to help him leave and everyone who will stay. Uther, Jaina, and the Silver Hand all leave, Arthas is suprised to see Jaina leaving with them, when he questions her she replies saying she cant watch him slaughter the entire town. After Arthas destroys the town he confronts Mal'Ganis ready to kill him, but Mal'Ganis flees telling the prince to seek him out in Northrend and there is where his fate will be decided. Arthas sets out to Northrend with the Lordaeron Navy, they stumble upon a gold mine, Arthas sends in his workers to construct a base, but before they have a chance they are attacked. Arthas is suprised to find his friend and old teacher Magni Bronzebeard and his dwarves in the frozen wastes, Magni explains that they were searching for the ancient runeblade called Frostmourne when their camp was attacked, he thinks that Arthas has come to save them, but Arthas admits he had no idea they were there. Regardless they save Magni's camp and lead an attack on the undead base, Mal'Ganis is nowhere to be found, Arthas sets up a new camp in the ruins of the undead base and continues his search for Mal'Ganis. While Arthas and Magni are out exploring an Alliance Emissary arrives from Lordaeron informing them that Lord Uther convinced the king to recall the expedition and they were to return home immediately. They soon leave their posts and begin to cut their way through the trees back to their ships, Arthas and Magni arrive at the base to find the guards not at their post, Arthas questions the Lieutenant and he explains that King Terenas had his troops recalled at Lord Uthers request.

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